You don’t have to be a boy to dream big

When you go to a toy shop and ask for a toy, the shopkeeper has one question ready- “For a boy or a girl?” It seems that for the shopkeeper, it is very difficult to show toys without this information. Girls can’t play with cars and boys can’t play with dolls, as if the toys refuse to be played with by them. and we follow this blindly. Do not give equal opportunities to both girls and boys to experience wide variety of play materials and games.

Recently we went to a toyshop to buy games for the girls of Vacha. It was a little difficult for us to even see the toys that are “meant” for boys according to the toy companies and the shopkeepers. Hence we decided that we won’t mention the gender. The shopkeeper was keen to know whether it’s a boy or a girl for whom we wanted the games. We just ignored his question and it was indeed easy for us to select games without any shocking reaction from the shopkeeper. You really don’t need to look for a game on the basis of the gender of the child. Just choose a good game or a toy which you think is best suited for a particular age and is engaging. That’s all that matters.

Same goes for jobs. Go for a job that you think will define you. Gender shouldn’t matter because what you can do is not because you are a girl or a boy. Let people stare, criticize and blame you for doing something that only guys are “supposed” to do. Dream big because dreams don’t know you are a girl or a boy!

Tushita Mukherjee

This does not happen only in India. click on the link below to see these powerful girls.


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