Upset with parents showering attention on brothers, 3 girls flee home, rescued

It is unfortunate that this kind of things is happening around us in today’s world.


Feeling neglected by their parents who apparently showered their attention on their sons, three girls ran away from home on February 29. Three days later, on Saturday, the Mulund police, with the help of a Badlapur officer, found them loitering at Badlapur station.

The girls, all Class-VIII students of an English-medium school, have been reunited with their parents and counselled. The trio had left home on the pretext of going to school.

“The girls said they were annoyed with their parents who apparently paid more attention to their brothers. Tired of the step-motherly treatment, they thought of teaching their families a lesson and ran away,” assistant commissioner of police (Mulund) Mahadev Gundewadi told TOI on Tuesday.

“The girls said they did not plan to stay away permanently, but wanted to scare their parents. They stayed at a friend’s home in Badlapur for a day and then roamed around in Badlapur aimlessly. They were at the Badlapur station when they were found.”

The parents were also counselled and asked not to discriminate among children.

The three had planned it out for a month. Initially, another girl was supposed to join them but she stayed back. Based on information from the girls’ parents, the police talked to the fourth friend. “She said they were fed up with the way their parents treated them and so ran away,” said Mulund police senior inspector Jivajirao Jadhav.

[Source: Times of India, 14 March 2012]


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