On being a girl

“Now u r a WOMAN”

“DON’T pray GOD in ur days”

“Come home EARLY”


  These statements usually fall on ur ears when:

1]u start ur periods

2]when u turn 13 i.e become a teenager

3]when u start off with ur college

But why d hell such insecurities grown-ups feel about us when we are on the thresholds of mouldig into a WOMAN.???

YES.we do know that this is a delicate stage of our lives where we can sense responsibilities gathering up on our shoulders

But why can’t we be just ‘FREE’?why only we have 2 take care of a function while our brothers can just passtime on their addas

We also have some desires DESIRE      to party}

                                                                    to come home late}

                                                                    to travel alone}like a TEENAGER

                                                                    to FLY}

It is just a difference of one word that parents fail 2 show in us TRUST

 As a girl from high-middle class family I do consider myself LUCKY that i get whatever i want esp.the FREEDOM i want.

But what about those who have greater responsibilities,no education and many mouths 2 feed?

I would like to thank my parents & family for providing me with whatever I want& would love 2 hear from them “YES THATS MY DAUGHTER”

–          Rucha Sawargaonkar


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